Prisoners 2012 Movie Aaron Guzikowski

Prisoners 2011 Movie Aaron Guzikowski lenoardo diacprio

When we talk about Prisoners movie we talk about Aaron Guzikowski. Remember this name, because that might have some time over a wide resonance in the film industry. Today seems to be one of the most coveted by Hollywood screenwriters. Even Mark Wahlberg want a role in this project Prisoners. The reason?

Only two weeks have passed since he signed with Endeavor for script "Prisoners", as already captured the interest of major Hollywood studios.

It says the script "miracle" that all the studios had wanted reasonable Silence Of The Lambs and Seven. From what has been discovered so far, the story centers on a family living in Boston who is going through a difficult time when their little girl 6 years and her best friend is kidnapped. Girl's father decides to act alone in this situation and in turn kidnaps the man they suspect could be responsible for the kidnapping of girls.

The first player who has shown interest for a role in this project was even Mark Wahlberg, who recently announced that we will play in another project which caused a stir in the studio - The B Team.

Endeavor to keep this project and although he received many offers from studios in recent days, they want to find a director first and then sell distribution rights.

If the script for Prisoners is so good as the search is definitely the name Aaron Guzikowski will become famous with the release of Prisoners movie. Release date for Prisoners will be somewhere in 2011 or 2012.

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