The Prisoners 2012 Movie Mark Wahlberg

The Prisoners 2012 MovieOther news about The Prisoners movie with Leonardo Dicaprio: Mark Wahlberg has signed with Endeavor for script "The Prisoners".

Weekly Entertainment announced that Bryan Singer has taken very seriously into account directed The Prisoners movie, a thriller whose story was in a period of "game" of all Hollywood studios.

This scenario for The Prisoners has been compared to The Silence Of The Lambs and Se7en, screenplay by an unknown named Aaron Guzikowski, which surely will become famous, if his story for The Prisoners proves to be so good.

The story centers on a family living in Boston who is going through a difficult time when their little girl six years and her best friend is kidnapped. Girl's father decides to act alone in this situation and in turn kidnaps the man they suspect could be responsible for the kidnapping of girls.

Weekly's Entertainment asked Bryan Singer if this will be his next project, and he replied: "I do not know anything for sure. I am very curious. It's a great script and I would love to work with Mark. "

Today Mark Wahlberg will star in another project which caused a stir in the studio - The B Team.

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