The Prisoners Movie 2012

The Prisoners Movie 2012Last September it was announced that Aaron Guzinowski scenario, entitled Prisoners, who was blacklisted for some time the best scenarios ignored by Hollywood producers, will finally become full-fledged movie. Originally was to be director Brian Singer from Antoine Fuqua (Trainning Day, but also the latter abandoned the project Prisoners, which came into obscurity.

Behold, the people from "Deadline Hollywood" announced that Leonardo DiCaprio is interested in one of the roles which were initially courted Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman.

At high line, Prisoners story of a father who kidnaps him the individual responsible for his daughter's disappearance, or at least it believes that the individual is guilty, although it might not be quite so. The story was described as a combination of Mystic River and Taken.

For now, that's all about Prisoners 2012.

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